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Well, if I ever had to eat my words more than week 2, I don’t remember. I made the mistake of doubting the unbeaten one, Cooper Rush and his effect on the offenses weapons, for fantasy purposes. I won’t make any excuse, I was simply wrong. So, let’s see if we can’t get it right this week, another week without Dak at the helm. The other question, is Dak the only one that’s going to miss out fantasy football Week 3? Let’s jump right in and discuss what happened, whats happening, and whats going to happen from here.

Clearly, Cooper Rush is not Dak and he didn’t blow the roof off, but he did a great job against a middle of the road defense. Now, this week versus the Giants should prove to be another test for Rush, they’re defense is about like the Bengals, not horrible but not great. The Giants D has held both their opponents to 21 and 19 points, going 1-1 against two bottom tier teams. The Bengals probably are a bit of a step up defensively, but not tremendously better, so it shouldn’t be too tall of a task for Rush to keep up and be “good enough”. I wouldn’t suggest starting Rush as a QB1, maybe a QB2 in 2 QB leagues at best. The good news for Dallas Cowboys owners in fantasy is that Rush hasn’t hurt anyone’s fantasy numbers terribly, so who can you trust this week and who’s in/out?

First off, this Cowboys team is dealing with several injuries and returning players. Gallup is looking like he’s ready to start and anyone who’s watched the decline of Lamb, has to be excited to hear that. Some other good news for anyone who has Cowboys on their fantasy roster, Jason Peters (Came over from Philadelphia) is well on his way to start this week and that should help Zeke, Pollard, and Rush with timing. The bad news on the injury report is Dalton Schultz is a game time decision but most likely a sit and Parsons has been sick. So, what do we do with our Cowboys players on our fantasy team this week?

Its been alot more down than up for the two big stars, high end picks, from Dallas in Zeke and Lamb. Zeke hasn’t looked terrible to the eyes, he’s just had a tough time with the O-Line and I believe Peters should help some, but I would wait and see if you have anyone better. CeeDee Lamb is just a few bad passes away from breaking out and WRs always seem to either start too fast or too slow, I wouldn’t be panicking on Lamb yet. Gallup being healthy should open some great lanes for Lamb, but I’m afraid it kills the progress Noah Browns made, id use Gallup sparingly and sit Brown for now, if you can. Now, to the elephant in the room, since I dropped a bomb on the Schultz injury, what do you do with Schultz out? Jake Ferguson is probably your best bet, but I would much rather find a streamer off waivers to replace Schultz for now. There are plenty of guys you can plug in this week, like a Conklin, maybe they aren’t world beaters but we just want steady numbers at TE anyway. Pollard has become more trustworthy than Zeke, I have no problem starting Pollard as a RB3/Flex. Lastly, one positive in Dallas has been the defense and they aren’t a bad streamer for DST. The only warning is that I would wait for the Parson news to come out, I don’t like their defense without him.

Lastly, everybody, make moves with your roster that you are happy with! I like to set my roster atleast 24 hours early, because I don’t have all the talking heads on TV changing my mind. Just because someone works for a big network, doesn’t always equate to fantasy football wins. Make smart, calculated risks, and most importantly have fun with it! I hope everyone has an excellent weekend and let’s go win some fantasy leagues!!

@fantasyfootballgrinder (IG)