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One App

to Replace Them All



Sell access to exclusive content. Create multiple subscriptions with different levels of access. Best part? Pay lower fees.

Patreon: 8% + payment processing fees
FFN+: 5% + payment processing fees



Set up private groups, hold live video sessions, and 1-on-1 message without ever leaving the site or downloading a different app.

Facebook Groups

Have conversations and give advice without having to hear all the other noise. No political opinions, pictures of peoples’ dinner, or videos of their Crossfit workouts.

Create Content

Embed YouTube videos, either public or private, made just for your fans.

Post articles for your fans to give them the knowledge they need to win their leagues.

Hold live video sessions directly on the platform using the native streaming functionality.

Get verified as an official brand and voice.


Monetize Content

Create monetized groups, pages and events and supply exclusive content to your fans!

Raise money for your favorite charities and causes through fundraising and live streams.

Collect tips from viewers for the great content you are providing.

List gear in the marketplace and have your fans rep your brand.

Frequently Asked


Does it cost to join?

There are no up front costs to join FFN. We take a small percentage of your fan’s  subscription fees to help pay for hosting, platform development, tools for creators, and advertising.

Is there a group only for creators?

FFN content creators are given access to a private group where they can ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

Does the Fantasy Football Network help market my brand?

Yes. We want to help you reach more people and gain more fans. We will do this by sharing your social content on platforms, having you on our shows for appearances and shout outs, and other avenues that we can come up with.

By default, you will also gain exposure to other content creators’ audiences  as their fans visit the site.

Can we contact you?

Absolutely! We are real people, located in central time zone of the United States, and want to be accessible to content creators to assist however we can.


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