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Welcome to Week 1 of the NFL, there’s a rumor at every turn and the Dallas Cowboys seem to always find themselves at the head of that table. Here we are, less than 48 hours away, Dallas is desperately in need of Wide Receiver depth due to Gallup and James Washington being injured. Three months ago, on paper alone, you would be crazy to think Jalen Tolbert wouldn’t be the guy but not so fast says Dallas Cowboys Insider, Bryan Broaddus. Dallas needs to find answers to their Wide Receiver room and fast!

According to Bryan Broaddus on Friday, he was informed during the week that Dak Prescott has more trust in a different rookie Wide Receiver, Dennis Houston. Jalen Tolbert definitely did not take the league by storm in the preseason, combining in 3 games for 6/45/0. Houston wasn’t much better, 3/43/0 in 3 games, but building chemistry with Dak Prescott is a major win for a young rookie on a Wide Receiver needy roster. Noone is guaranteed action, but if there was ever a golden opportunity for a young rookie it is definitely right now in Dallas, without traded away Cooper and banged up Michael Gallup. This Wide Receiver roster battle could be very interesting, seeing Tolbert is a talented guy that many believe to be the locked in WR3 in Dallas. Dallas truly needs an answer to this empty spot on their roster, because CeeDee Lamb cannot be the only wide receiver on this team thats waiting on Gallup and Washington to get healthy.

So, ultimately this leads us to the question of who should you trust for fantasy football out of this Wide Receiver corps? The short answer is, Noone not named Lamb, the long answer is possibly Gallup when healthy. The answer that matters most to us today, however, is can we luck up and get a steal from an overlooked rookie in Houston or should we stick to our original script and hold Tolbert to see if he’s just a late bloomer? My honest opinion is that Tolbert is being pushed by the team, the way Dallas does best, using the media to speak to the player. Houston could be the steal of all steals and I wouldn’t be shocked, I just haven’t seen enough from him to make any form of educated guess. Let’s take this one into the next week, allow them until this Sunday to see who is on the active roster and watch closely to how they perform. Neither of these two rookies are guys that you were drafting and expecting massive numbers from upfront. However, with Dallas so short on Wide Receiver depth, I am very interested in how this situation plays out.

The one guaranteed aspect of this rookie wide receiver battle in Dallas is that Amari Cooper is gone and his 120 targets per game are there for someone to take them. Noah Brown is looking like the number two guy to start the season, but he’s never received more than 25 targets in his first four seasons. Eventually, Gallup will return to the lineup and eat a portion of these targets, but he has major dropped ball issues on top of clearly becoming an injury concern. Fehoko and Turpin have not made any significant leaps forward either, which makes this rookie situation more interesting. This leaves Dallas with these two rookies battling it out to become the “next man up”. Hopefully, we can get some stability in Dallas, at minimum we deserve some clarity. My money would be on the guy Dak has the best chemistry with, which is Houston. Let’s take our time addressing this, see how the weekend plays out, and discuss it on the post game wrap up. No matter the situation with these two guys, Dallas absolutely must get this wide receiver group figured out if they plan to have a successful season.

One promise that I can make you all is that I will be here all season long to help give the best updates I can on all things Dallas Cowboys and Fantasy Football Advice. The Cowboys are definitely dealing with a major “clean up on aisle 4” situation without Cooper. My advice on this situation will be to wait and see how this Week 1 showdown with the Bucs goes down. Its going to be a fun ride this season with Fantasy Football Network, this is just the first of many articles to come. Stay tuned for more articles like this, especially as this fantasy football season is getting heated up. My ultimate goal, as a writer/analyst, is to make sure you guys have everything you could possibly need to win your fantasy league! For instant updates, follow me on IG @fantasyfootballgrinder and Fantasy Football Network on IG. Let’s have some fun this year and dominate your fantasy football league in 2022! Thank you for the read, if I can do anything to help make your experience better just let me know and I’ll do the best I can to make it even better!