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If you haven’t heard the news, Dallas has more problems than 99 after Week 1 in Fantasy Football. The toughest part about writing this recap is the amount of space to put words to paper. I put a preview article out last week, warning that this team had some Wide Receiver room issues, but that was only the beginning. As a fan, the amount of mind numbing craziness that just continues to plague these teams with Jerry Jones at the reigns as GM, is just unnecessary. Year after year the front office brings these crazy reasonings, as to why they didn’t add a key target in Free Agency because of money and its more than frustrating for fans. I couldn’t imagine being Dak Prescott, the guy was drafted to be the Cooper Rush of today and took over, proving to be a really good quarterback. The one positive to take away is that Dallas has a solid defense, they held a really good Bucs team led by one of the greatest ever to 19 points. So, let’s break this down and discuss where they can go from here, also how to adjust your fantasy lineups from this point.

Let’s get the elephant out the room first and discuss Dak Prescott, what to expect rest of season. As we all know, Dak suffered a broken hand and as of today it is reported he is most likely to return to action the week after their bye week. The terrible news for fantasy owners and Cowboys fans, is that is 8 straight weeks (7 games) before you will see Dak back in your lineup. The even worst news for Dallas is that, due to not planning for another injury via adding a better back up, the Cowboys will have to depend on Cooper Rush. Rush got beat out by Andy Dalton when Dak broke his ankle, neither performed very well. The good news is, they only face three of the more playoff ready defenses, though I’m not sure how much that matters in this offense. It is definitely a bleak outlook for the Cowboys this year, with Dak sidelined atleast 7 of the remaining 16 games. The strategy I suggest, if you are not a Dak owner, keep a watch on the waiver wire for anyone desperate, also don’t be scared to throw a few low ball trades out there. Dak will inevitably be back for long enough to carry your fantasy team to a title if they can get their wide receiver room together. If you’re a Dak owner, maybe you can find a QB needy team and get some value, its just tough when a high end position player goes down. As we hope the best for Dak, we need to break down key issues leading to their bad performance overall, offensively atleast.

As I mentioned earlier, the wide receiver room in Dallas is a mess right now. Tolbert was the healthy scratch that I expected, via my Friday article. Dennis Houston, the rookie that beat out Tolbert, didn’t look like the next AB but was playing a tough secondary. Lamb looked rough, I’m not sure he was ready to leap into a leadership role and be the WR1 for Dallas. The two guys that played surprisingly, were the two guys I valued as streamers, Noah Brown and Dalton Schultz. They didn’t jump off the charts, but those two guys did well for such a tough defensive effort from the Bucs. The two guys I see bringing in the most value for Dallas, however, reside in the RB room.

We knew before the season that Zeke looked much more healthy and he is competing for a contract, but never forget he is typically a slow starter. Zeke had a subpar performance, at best, for a guy with his talent. Pollard definitely was not at his best either, putting up some very subpar numbers. We have to keep in mind, this was never supposed to be a big offensive showdown, because both these defenses are extremely good and well rounded. Zeke and Pollard are probably two guys id say benefit without Dak, their stock is probably down right now and I would suggest putting out a few low ball offers here as well, don’t sell the farm though. All of the success of this team now relies on two groups, defense and the offensive line, to get them going in an upwards direction.

In less than a few seasons time, the offense and defense in Dallas have switched roles, as to which is more dominant and valuable. The o-line was always great, but after losing a few key pieces they are left reeling for someone to step up. Tyron Smith will be out for a few weeks, leaving their rookie and guys like Jason Peter’s to try and fill in the gap. The O-Line collapsed multiple times on Dak, causing defenders in his face and ultimately led to his hand getting broken from a defender hitting it. I don’t expect drastic changes, but they have alot of young starters and that wasn’t the ideal d-line to compete against on Week 1. The one team that did step up and hold their own against the best quarterback of all time, in some eyes, was this Dallas Defense. The defense looked much better, they kept Dallas in the game and could work hand in hand with the O-Line to help Zeke and the rest of the offense have a chance. Dallas desperately needs created turnovers and running lanes for Zeke and Pollard, if they want to remain competitive without Dak. I believe in the defense, I need to see it from the offense.

In closing, I’m avoiding the Wide Receiver room without Dak, I think Zeke and Pollard have a shot to help fantasy football teams, and I full trust the defense. Please, unless you just have to start Lamb, try to avoid these receivers, it was a tough road with Dak and ten times more difficult without him. Zeke and Pollard should be on the field together as a dual threat unit, either way I think Zeke will step up and prove his value to this offense. I trust the defense, but they are still just streamable for now, because I don’t think the offense can keep them off the field long enough for fantasy points to add up. Overall, I hate to say it, but it is a very bleak outlook in Dallas for now, unless they can hang in there and win some of these easier matchups. The one positive takeaway is that when Dak comes back he will be playing like a maniac to try and get them into the playoffs. I’m not sure what else I can say, but welcome to Week 1 fantasy football, we prepare for everything until something else happens. Hopefully we can get some better news on Dak Prescott, some reports were saving potentially week 7, I definitely hope so. Thank you for reading this article, Hopefully in my next one I will have better news. Until next time, thank you and if I can do anything else to help let me know!

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