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Redraft Outlook

Kirk has always been a very underrated Qb when it comes to fantasy football. In 1 Qb leagues hes sometimes going undrafted. Hes great value for 2qb leagues as well as Superflex leagues. Dont forget in Washington Kirk had 3 top 10 finishes and now an 11th finish last year throwing 33 Tds. Hes a low end Qb1 that you can get for so cheap in 1qb leagues. With a new coaching staff and new offensive scheme things are looking up for Kirk. We can realistically expect 35 to 40 Tds and about 4500 to 4800 yards this season with this new pass happy scheme and having Justin Jefferson, Adam Theilen, Dalvin Cook and Irv Smith to throw the ball to. The defense was horrible last year and although I do expect a small improvement at the least with Danielle hunter back from injury and newly acquired Zadarius Smith. I stilll see alot of shootouts and the offense having to put up alot of points. So that dedinitly benefits Kirk and this offense. Not to mention one of the best young Wrs in the game only benefits Kirk even more having a playmaker like JJ to get the ball to now with another year under his belt. JJ can very well finish as the Wr1 in fantasy football this year. Kirk should finish a low end qb1 like last year at the least or a very high qb2. hes get a tremendously safe floor.

Dynasty Outlook

As far as Dynasty I mean his value can’t go up from here, it can only decline not because of production but because of age and time ticking on how much longer he can play and even be on the Vikings after his 3 year contract is up. Do they save the cap space and go another route, they have to start looking for another Qb eventually. So Kirk has a nice 3 year window with a win now team in a 1Qb league if you want to maybe trade down to a lesser Qb so you can get a better positional player. Hes a good target for that. So lets say you have Lamar but you are weak at another positon and you need to make a move. Kirk is a good guy to go with so u can trade Lamar for that position player you need. Lamar was just an example can be any top Qb lol. But realistically hes probably worth almost nothing at this point in a 1qb league. If your Qb gets injured but your still in postion to win a ship your in good postion if you have Kirk on your bench or if not go get him. Give up a 3rd or 4th rd pick. Go grab him because he will be cheap and he will be good. If hes on your bench and someone else needs him you can try and use him to your advantage in negotiaions and come away with some good value for him.

As far as 2Qb and Superflex Dynasty leagues he will be worth more. If you have him again hes perfect for the next 3 years as your Qb2. So your holding onto him to male ship runs for the next few years. Unless your getting a deal you can’t resist. Or if your rebuilding then definitly shop him around and take advantage of a win now team that is willing to give up a little more than the next team. Kirk is much more valuable in these formats and you should take advantage of a team manager that will give up too much if you can but you definitly need to shop around offers and see what you can get

Written by Stevie B @Dynasty Life Fantasy Football